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What the soul is


Διαβάστε το άρθρο στα ελληνικά εδώ!

We say that substance is one of the genera of things (Aristotle’s ten categories), and that it is divided (as simple) into two parts: the one as matter, that which in itself it is not such and such a thing (for it is deprived of the form), the other as shape and form, according to which a thing when it receives its form is called a certain ‘this’; and thirdly (as compound) in the sense of that which is compounded of these. Now matter is potency while form complete reality (perfection and completion). The latter in two ways: either as knowledge is (i.e. as state), or as theorizing is (i.e. as actuality). Bodies seem to be, for the most part, substances, and especially the natural bodies; for they are principles of all other bodies (i.e. of both artificial and mathematical bodies). Of natural bodies some have life in them, others not; by life we mean self-nutrition and increase and diminution. Thus every natural body which has life in it is a substance in the sense of a compound.

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