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What nature is


Διαβάστε το άρθρο στα ελληνικά εδώ!

Of things some are (exist) by nature, others from other causes (e.g. art, chance, etc.). By nature are the animals and their parts, the plants and the simple bodies, i.e. earth, fire, air, water – for we say that these and the like exist by nature. All these seem to be different from those which are not constituted by nature. For each of them has within itself a principle of motion and of standstill, some in virtue of place, others in virtue of increase and of decrease, and others in virtue of alteration. On the other hand, a bed or a cloak, or anything else of that sort, in as the above attributes are referred to them, and they exist by art, have no innate impulse to change, but in so far as they happen to be composed of stone or of earth, or compounded of these, they do have, and to that extent, as nature is a certain principle or cause for motion and for stillness within that to which it belongs, primarily, just by itself and not accidentally.

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