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What is called complete


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What is called complete is in one way that of which it is not possible to find outside any of its part, even a single one; e.g. the complete time of each thing is that in which one cannot find outside any time which is a part of that time. Again that which is in accordance with the excellence and the goodness without being exaggerated in its kind; e.g. a doctor and a flute-player are complete, when they leave nothing outside in virtue of their proper excellence. Whence transferring the word to bad things, we speak of a complete scandalmonger and a complete thief in that we also call them good, e.g. a good thief and a good scandalmonger. But excellence, too, is a completion, since it is when they leave nothing outside in virtue of their proper excellence that a thing and a substance are complete.

The complete and the whole

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Διαβάστε το άρθρο στα ελληνικά εδώ!

That of which nothing is left outside, is complete and whole; for thus we define the whole, as that of which nothing is absent, e.g. a whole man or a whole box. And what holds for each particular the same holds too for the whole in its most proper sense, as it is the universe whose nothing is outside; but that of which there holds an absence outside, is not all, whatever may be absent. The whole and the complete are either completely the same or very close in regard to their nature. And nothing is complete unless it has an end; and the end is a limit.

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